Chatting about Easier…with Manic Drive

A few weeks ago, we hard the new Manic Drive album and their new single “Easier.”  MAN, this song hit and resonated, with the simple statement “don’t expect it to get easier, not until You make me stronger.”

I started thinking about some struggles that seem to never pass. Those nagging issues and trials — and I realize some I’ve just wished would pass. I haven’t been diligent about letting them strengthen my faith and help build me into the person that God intends me to be.

So we were thrilled when we got a chance to ask vocalist Shawn Cavallo a few questions about the song!

WTN – We have been loving the song “Easier” – it’s been striking a chord with us these past weeks. What was the inspiration behind the song?

Shawn – The inspiration behind the track “Easier” was a personal one, as is most of the album. We really wanted to be real, honest and transparent about how life doesn’t simply get easier even when we walk in faith. There will always be challenges and obstacles standing in our way, but it is through these endeavors that we find our true strength. 

WTN – Why do you think we fear hardship in our lives? Why do we run from adversity, when that’s what helps us grow?

Shawn – believe because it stems from the simple truth, that it is horrifying what hardships can bring. To lose something we hold dear to our hearts.  Yet, it is when we survive these disheartening times that we become stronger. Sometimes we find our greatest strength during times when we are weak.  Jesus encourages us to push those boundaries and brace for the wild.  

WTN – What’s next for Manic Drive? What can we expect in 2018?

Shawn – We are really excited to team up with our friends in Sanctus Real for the “1 Night Music Circus” tour coming this spring of 2018. The response has been incredible. Hopefully this is an event we can grow and continue collaborating with different artists.  Also incredibly stoked for the summer festival circuit. Those are always some of favorite shows to rock out at! Make sure to hit us up on facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat to see when Manic will be coming to a town near you!

Enough from us – here’s the song. Let us know what you think!


Written by: Shawn Cavallo, Chris Sernel

Every single step | The further I get | It doesn’t seem to get easier | It doesn’t seem to get easier | I’m running out of breath | But You wouldn’t give me strength | If it’s meant to get easier | If it’s meant to get easier

So help, and I’m asking please | There’s gotta be another remedy | I’m running out of my options | I’m running out of my options so


So show me how to get, how to get | Stronger, stronger | Don’t expect it to get easier | Not until You make me stronger | Stronger, stronger | Don’t expect it to get easier | Not until You make me stronger | No it doesn’t get easier | So show me how to get, how to get | Stronger, stronger | Don’t expect it to get easier | Not until You make me stronger

Makeshift happiness | Mistaken for being blessed | With artificial exteriors | Fabricated with smoke and mirrors | We can never reach new heights | Without obstacles to climb | No getting there isn’t effortless | I’m gonna need a hand with this


I’m gonna break through even if it hurts | Don’t want no medication it just makes it worse | ‘Cause if I’m numb to freedom, I’ll never come through | If I’m comfortable, No, I’ll never leave this room


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