Go See MULLY (you can thank us later!) — Movie Review

We posted this review last month….but Mully will be back in theaters for one night only – November 9!  We want to make sure you get this on your calendar to see Mully on the big screen…so moving it up on our site!

Review re-post!!


I’m going to start this review with the ending.

MULLY is only in theaters this week. Not weekend. Week. So go out and buy a ticket to see the film today. You will be glad you did.

Now—onto the review!

Have you ever felt powerless? You wanted to do something good in the world, but you didn’t have enough money. Or enough time. Or the resources.

The life of Charles Mully proves that one person can literally change the world.

ONE person.

Mully grew up in extreme poverty. When he was only six years old, he was abandoned by his family and become one of the thousands of street children in Kenya. As a teen, Mully made a desperate move and knocked on the door of a large house asking if they had any work. A gracious and trusting woman hired him, trusted him —- and, with no training or even real schooling, Mully proved himself as a worker and as a businessman.   He quickly made a name for himself and began starting businesses, and found incredible wealth and power.

But he had a longing for something else.

Seeing hundreds of orphaned children wandering the streets each day, Mully just began taking them home. Feeding them. Taking care of them. Putting his own family and his businesses at extreme risk.

And he creates the world’s largest family. 23,000 kids. Currently, there are 3,000 orphans living with the Mully family.

But not just that! If you are interested in the environment or creation care at all, this film shows how the family not only respects the earth—it invests in the earth, and has literally changed the ecosystem in their area. You’ll have to watch the film to see how the family became not only self-sustaining, it changed the climate of Kenya – literally and figuratively.

But back to the one person idea.

When Mully was in his late teens, he had been on the streets for nearly a decade and walked up to a random home, knocked on the door, and asked a woman for a job. In today’s society, most women would likely close the door in fear. Mully was vulnerable and had considered violence…but this one woman saw into his eyes. Saw into his heart and gave him a chance.

What if that one person would have said no? Likely 23,000 orphans would not have had a home.

Mully is a documentary, yes. But so much more. It’s a reminder that anyone can help another person. It’s a reminder that every child has worth. It’s a reminder that life is precious. And giving someone a hand-up may literally change the world.


Check out the trailer here:

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