Movie Review — Because of Gracia

Because of Gracia is still in a few theaters, but will likely be released on DVD in the near future. Should you go see it? Is this just another faith-based teen movie?

The film begins introducing us to Chase (Chris Massoglia) – a high school senior – and his best friend OB (Brett Simes). They are good kids – not particularly driven to achieve, but seem to genuinely enjoy just being. In walks Gracia (Moriah Peters), the beautiful, magnetic new girl in school. She prefers to be called Grace – a title that she seems to walk in effortlessly. She brings a kindness and light to the school hallways as she tries to make genuine connections with her classmates. Not everyone likes Grace though, and after she has a lively debate with an atheist professor, some mean girls scheme to hurt both Grace and Chase.

Grace may seem to have it all together, but she has a past that she has not forgotten, and seeks out others who may be walking down those same paths, hoping she can help direct them to better decisions.

Because of Gracia is a teen movie so it hits a lot of social topics, just like teens experience on a daily basis. Peer-pressure, pre-marital sex, defending your faith in the classroom, issues with parents, trying to find your voice are just a few of the issues that are touched on by the film.

I’m not a high school student, so, to me, some of the dialogue seems a bit, well, high school. But for their target audience, I am confident that the topics, and the execution of the script, will resonate well.

I need to note that the production value of Because of Gracia is excellent. The main characters are well established, the acting is solid, and there are incredibly entertaining dream sequences that are edited into the inner dialogue of Chase. Props to the film editor for creating these little diversions in the movie.

Overall, Because of Gracia is a sweet film filled with redemption. This film is a solid, family friendly option that shares faith without being too overzealous or preachy. Plus, your teens should love the soundtrack that highlights Peters’ vocals and also shows some love to her real-life husband, who is in the duo for King and Country.

Should you stay or should you go? We vote that you GO see Because of Gracia!

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