Love it or Leave it? LOVE GROWN Cereal

In the quest to eat healthy, I found these gems. It’s only been a few weeks, but I want to keep from getting bored with our food. I want to try new things. This wheat-free adventure is ridiculously hard for my foodie brain to comprehend.

And breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? We need to not mess this up!

So imagine my excitement when I found this at our local grocery store — LOVE GROWN Foods Power O’s – made with beans!

Seriously? Beans in cereal?

Lots of progressive restaurants are doing great things with unlikely ingredients, so I thought we’d give these a try.

Plus, they are grown with LOVE! There’s love literally added to the ground where the beans are grown! 

I’m committed to this experiment to lower my sugar intake and eat gluten-free, I’m willing to take some risks.  What’s odd is, there is no gluten in this cereal, but it’s made in a facility that uses wheat. So if you’re super gluten-intolerant, that’s something you need to know. But it’s kosher, so there’s that. 

This “delicious toasted cereal” looked innocent enough…but how would it taste?

Was there any possible way that I could pass these off as just regular, boring breakfast cereal?

The short answer is no. No. Power O’s taste nothing like regular cereal. They taste exactly like you would think they would.  They taste like dried beans. And cardboard. 

Now I’m crabby.  Pass me a Larabar…and my toothpaste. Blech.  

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