Is Genesis History?

During the National Religious Broadcaster’s convention this year in Orlando, we got to meet some of the amazing team behind the film “Is Genesis History?”   While we enjoyed spending a few moments getting to know them, our crew was still skeptical about the film itself.

Seriously. How interesting could a film be where a bunch of scientists sit around and talk about fossils?

Wow – we made the wrong assumption!

“Is Genesis History?” is fascinating.

Dr. Del Tackett takes us on a journey around the world, asking questions to leading scientists about creation, evolution, dinosaurs, the Garden of Eden, the great flood…all things covered in the first few chapters of Genesis.   Each scientist unpacks the latest findings in science, and show us visually how the Earth itself not only supports the Genesis account, but how it refutes Old Earth concepts.

I admit, I have a little bit of ADD – so watching a movie on my computer is not my preference. But Is Genesis History? is beautifully shot, and compacted into short, digestible segments that left me wanting more information. Thankfully the website is filled with extra information, so the story can continue far after watching the film.

Is Genesis History? is available on DVD today – I can’t wait to pick up a DVD, share it with some friends, and get a conversation started. Is Genesis History? After watching the film, I have to answer “yes”.

Check it out yourself here:


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